The main research fields are:

  • Origin of Planetary System: We perform unique laboratory experiments on the evolution from protoplanetary dust to planetesimals.
  • Small Bodies in the Solar System: We perform experiments and modeling of formation and evolution of regolith. Physical description (stratification, packing density, thermal properties) of regolith state.
  • Electric Fields: We develop a geophysical system that actively injects electric fields with capacitive coupling to estimate electrical properties of planetary bodies. The system has been applied on earth and might be used on lander missions to estimate water ice content.
  • Material Properties: We investigate relationships between physical parameters, such as density or electrical conductivity, and mineral content. We focus in particular on the frequency-dependent electrical permittivity in the range between 100 Hz and 100 kHz, and the dependence on water ice content.
  • Theory and Modelling of Planetary Magnetosheres: In-situ measurements of magnetic field properties in agnetospheres, the interaction regions between planetary bodies and their embedding plasma, are made. The observations are interpreted under aspects of a comparative planetary science.
  • Space Plasma Mission Simulations: In the environment of planetary bodies and comets regions exist which are less or more interesting. Simulations of the plasma environment are performed to develop the plans for optimal mission coordination.
Asteroid cratering, credits: IGEP
Aggregate fragmentation, credits: IGEP