TUBS.space develops space technologies within the following areas:

  • Space Debris: We develop and maintain the European reference model for the space debris environment under ESA contract. The Meteoroid and Space Debris Terrestrial Environment Reference model incorporates more than 200 million artificial objects in Earth orbit that feature diameters of one millimetre or more.
  • Satellite Subsystems
  • Lunar Regolith Processing: We develop a new lunar regolith simulant system, which consists of two basic types, one for the plagioclase-rich lunar highlands (terrae) and the other for the basaltic lunar plains (maria). Both simulants can be used individually for processing studies such as sintering or melting to support research on additive manufacturing using in situ resources on the moon.
  • Flight Hardware for Microgravity Experiments: We develop microgravity experiments on all relevant platforms (drop tower, parabolic flights, suborbital rockets, ISS).
  • Space Magnetometry: Spaceborn fluxgate magnetometer experiements are designed, build, and operated for various environmental conditions in our solar system.
  • Space Array Methods: Single spacecraft methods will be more and more amened by fleets of satellites. Methods are developed for array signal processing, optimizing satellite array configuration, and controlling the satellite interaction.